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Ginger Sosnowski

After an almost 20 year hiatus; in 2020, Ginger embarked on her love of oil painting again. She originally discovered her talent for painting in her 20s, while painting alongside her Mother, who was an artist in her own right. Although mostly self-taught, she has worked under the mentorship of two master painters in her life, one most recently through synchronicity.


Originally from Queens, NY she now resides in Huntington, NY. She is a single mom of three teenage boys who are her biggest fans!


Ginger is a still life, food portrait, floral, and landscape artist. Most of her works have a sense of realism and whimsy. The smaller scale of her work lends itself to an intimate bond between viewer and subject.


Her paintings have been featured in several galleries and exhibitions throughout Long Island and Brooklyn. Ginger belongs to various local art councils and art leagues, and currently has work on view at the Flora and Fauna Exhibit at Huntington Arts Council in Huntington, NY.


Artist Statement:

I like to create artwork that evokes passion for things we take for granted in daily life by enticing the viewer with vivid colors, familiar objects, unique places, interesting vehicles, and even comfort foods! 


I work in oils from photographs that I or friends and family have taken and sometimes alla Prima. In most cases I battle with each painting establishing a love-hate relationship with my creation. The result often ends in awe as I can’t even fathom what came from my own hand. I refer to this experience as being quite cathartic. Each of my paintings comes from my deep connection and appreciation of each subject. I feel that the viewer is able to peer into my heart through my paintings and each owner receives a tiny piece of me that will live on forever.


Ginger’s work can be viewed on her website 

and Instagram @fineartbyginger

Ice Cream Bar

Oil on Canvas, 6"x8"

Bomb Pop

Oil on Canvas, 6"x12"


Oil on Linen, 12"x12"


Oil on Linen, 6"x4"

Heritage Tulip

Oil on Linen, 10"x10"

Sunset Over Centre Island

Oil on Linen, 10"x8"

A Familiar Place

Oil on Cradled Panel, 24"x18"

West Neck Beach House in Fog

Oil on Canvas, 8"x6"

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