Adam D. Smith

“As a realistic oil painter, one of the main goals in translating our environment onto canvas is to reach out to the viewer. I want the person looking at the painting – to look into it; to make them feel like they are there and they can walk through it. The intent is not just to create another ‘pretty picture,’ but to immerse the viewer in the surroundings. It is also about more than just a view of a place. Each painting is a carefully calculated decision of composition, light and shadow, and spatial relationships, designed to tell a story and lead the viewer. Not every painting will have the same effect on every individual, but each one will hopefully make a specific emotional connection to each person and help them to notice the little things in life.” -Adam D. Smith


Adam is a lifelong resident of Long Island, New York where the shores and surrounding landscape continue to be a constant source of inspiration. Since an early age, Adam’s creativity was encouraged by his parents and grandparents whose passion for the water and boating often exposed him to breathtaking coastal and nautical scenes. Many of his earliest drawings involved sunsets, water, boats and the beach, and have always possessed an exquisite attention to detail. 


Adam is a graduate of Syracuse University, College of Visual and Performing Arts, where he received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with a major in illustration. He has accumulated experience in many facets of the art field including freelance illustration work with ad agencies, designers and manufacturers; private commissioned works; as well as graphic design, printing and pre-press print work. For the last 25+ years, his award-winning work has appeared in many local, national and international exhibits and shows, printed materials, and publications.


In 2011, Adam, along with his wife Khrystyne, launched Seven Thirteen Creative, Inc., a boutique advertising and design agency, offering a wide range of graphic design, web design and creative services.





Graphic Design:

Giclée Prints:

Sunset at Low Tide

Oil on Panel, 12"x12"

Panoramic Cloud Study

Oil on Panel, 16"x20"

Cedar Beach Marina, Babylon, NY

Oil on Driftwood, 6"x38"


Oil on Canvas, 16"x30"

Fire in the Sky

Oil on Canvas, 18"x24"

Sunset Over the Sound

Oil on Driftwood, 6.5"x19"