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Holly Hunt

Holly Hunt was born and raised on Long Island, New York. Growing up in a working class family, imagination and creativity occupied her time. Throughout her childhood, fascinated by her grandfather’s street photography that adorned the walls of her home, she was naturally drawn to her first camera- a Polaroid. However, this interest wasn’t fully cultivated until her late thirties when she purchased her first DSLR and discovered her best images were captured inside a world she only considered a hobby from her college years: Exploring the abandoned.


Initially, the images were born from curiosity of entering these abandoned places, but that all changed following a life-altering surgery that affected Holly's memory. Now the subject matter, although still captured through the lens of abandonment, symbolizes more than just a hobby of exploring derelict places.  It represents parts of her life that, having been lost from her memory, is now found again by her camera.

Holly is a self-taught photographer and volunteers her time with local photography clubs and art associations, as both an instructor, events coordinator, mentor, and member. She lives with her two dogs and is a certified yoga instructor. She is an avid-traveler and foodie. In 2020, she self-published her autobiographical, photography book, “Exploring Home.”

Instagram: Abandoned_Beauties_by_HHP

Facebook: Abandoned Beauties by HHP

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