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Thank You!
To everyone who attended,
and all who helped make this year's
Paumanauke Pow Wow possible
See you next year!

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Etiquette for Visitors

Everyone is welcome.

You are encouraged to bring your own seating, such as lawn chairs. 

Benches around the dance circle are reserved for dancers.

Please be courteous to leave space for dancers' families and guests when choosing seating.

Only enter the dance circe if you are invited. 

Always ask permission to take photos and/or video of dancers and of others.

Stand during special songs, including the Grand Entry, Flag Songs, Veteran's Songs, Memorial Songs, Prayer Songs, or other songs designated by the emcee. It is appropriate to remove hats that you may have on during the duration of these songs.

The emcee will provide you with instruction and information regarding special songs.

Learn more about Pow Wow etiquette here.

Admission Supports

Press Inquiries

Please contact
A representative from BACCA will direct you to the appropriate contact(s) for your needs. Photos and video of the event require approval from the Paumanauke Native American Festival committee.

Event Sponsors

  • The Town of Babylon

  • BACCA's programs are supported in part by the National Endowment for the Arts, New York State Council on the Arts, Suffolk County, and the Town of Babylon.

  • Thank you, volunteers!


Pow Wow Committee

Horace Lucas

Keima Lucas-Walters

Kira Lucas

Gerry Goodlin

Tina Goodlin

Norman Walters

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