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The Flower of Honor Project by Photographer Harper Bella

This project commemorates essential workers who have kept their communities thriving amid the COVID-19 crisis and continue to serve as pillars in their communities.


The "Flower of Honor" Project borrows its name from the United States government’s highest and most prestigious military award, Medal of Honor.


Captured by Photographer Harper Bella, with the aim to shed light on the impact of inequity, this photographic series consists of images taken during impromptu ceremonies involving gifting golden artificial foliage, a symbol of hopefulness and acknowledgment to honor all individuals while they are living.

Data has shown that many essential workers are people of color. In the face of danger, such as during the COVID-19 pandemic, these individuals persist. They are the workers whose livelihoods and families depend on the paychecks they receive, and whose services are the lifeblood of our society.

The Wyandanch Photo Mural Installation presents essential workers in the Wyandanch community specifically.

This project was made possible by a grant through the Town of Babylon LDCII through the "Babylon Together" Project, with the support of the Town of Babylon, as well as by funds from the Statewide Community Regrant Program through the New York State Council on the Arts administered by the Huntington Arts Council.

Photographer: Danangelowe A.J. Spencer - D.A.J.S. Visuals


Completed in April 2022!

Photos by Town of Babylon Photographer Steve Gravano

BACCA and the Town of Babylon joined together to facilitate the creation of a new mural in the tunnel that runs under Ocean Parkway and connects Cedar Beach to Cedar Beach Marina, which was completed in two parts during fall 2021 and spring 2022. 


The nautical themed mural, designed by students from Amityville, Babylon, Deer Park, North Babylon and West Babylon High Schools, was made possible by the Parks Department and BACCA through the “Babylon Together Project.” The “Babylon Together Project” is a long-term partnership with the Town of Babylon Local Development Corporation (LDC) in support of our local arts community, small businesses and organizations through public arts projects. Local artist Ron Becker, who serves on the BACCA Advisory Panel, played a key role in facilitating the participation of local high school students under the guidance of their teachers for this project. 

“Cedar Beach is beloved by our residents and this wonderful, Babylon-inspired artwork makes it even more special. Thank you to the talented students who worked on this project,” said Deputy Supervisor and Parks Chairman Tony Martinez. “On behalf of BACCA, we are grateful for the opportunity to work with the Town of Babylon and artist Ron Becker to provide a wonderful opportunity to high school artists to showcase their talent in this collaborative effort. This mural has brought together students from across the community and will serve as a backdrop for all who enjoy Cedar Beach,” added BACCA Executive Director Liz Mirarchi.  

Read More about this project at the links below:

Video by Box Visuals Media - Process of Spring 2021 Mural Painting 

Participating Schools

Amityville Memorial High School • Babylon High School • Deer Park High School

North Babylon High School •  West Babylon Senior High School • Wyandanch Memorial High School


The Cafe Tour was developed as part of the Babylon Together project in partnership with Colored Colors to display art in six participating locally-owned cafes across the Town of Babylon. It was held in Spring of 2021 and 2022.

Learn more about this initiative here. 


Babylon Citizens Council on the Arts, Inc. (BACCA) is pleased to announce its long-term partnership with the Town of Babylon Local Development Corporation (LDC) in supporting our local arts community, small businesses and organizations through public arts projects and socially-distanced activities leading to an "Arts Trail" throughout the Town of Babylon. The initiative began in August of 2020 with a student-led mural in Wyandanch facilitated by Saint-Cyr Art Studio. We are very grateful for the support of the LDC and the Town of Babylon, and look forward to continuing our work on the "Babylon Together" project, which furthers BACCA's mission to bring the community together through the arts.

Find out more about this exciting new initiative:






Congratulations to Artist and Arts Administrator Marie Saint-Cyr, artist Wyandanch High School Art Teacher Jill Lewis, and all of the talented students from Wyandanch High School who contributed to this beautiful student-led mural at the HRHCare Martin Luther King Jr. Health Center in Wyandanch, titled "Invest in Your Mental Health." This mural was sponsored by the Town of Babylon Local Development Corporation (TOBLDC) and BACCA as part of the "Babylon Together" initiative.

HRHCare Martin Luther King, Jr. Health Center

at Wyandanch

1556 Straight Path, Wyandanch, NY 11798


Artist: Marie Saint-Cyr

Contributors: Jill Lewis

Student Artists:

Poetry King

Princess Aarons

D'zyr Squires

Naomi Patrick

Dinah Berger

David Smith

Chastity Anderson

Photographs by Jason Jenkins



On August 28, 2020, as part of the Babylon is Back initiative, five local musical acts performed remotely while projected on a large screen for a drive-in concert in Amityville, delighting the audience at O'Connor Field. Babylon Citizens Council on the Arts (BACCA) and Colored Colors coordinated the event through the Babylon Together initiative, made possible by the Babylon is Back program, which is funded by the Town of Babylon Local Development Corporation (TOBLDC). Residents were treated to an enjoyable night of music while staying safely socially distanced. Over 30 cars drove up to O’Connor Field in Amityville for a night of local entertainment.

Video: Colored Colors