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32nd Annual Judged Art Show
September 14 - 27, 2022
Old Town Hall, Babylon Village, NY

The virtual exhibition features all awarded artists from the 2022 Judged Art Show.

The exhibition is best viewed on a desktop or laptop computer rather than a mobile device.

Congratulations, artists!

Public Viewing:
Monday-Friday, September 14th - 27th, 10am-3pm

and Saturday, September 24th, 10am-3pm

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Public Viewing:

  Please see the exhibition schedule (left).


Artwork Pick-Up:

Wednesday, September 28th 10am-6pm

Awards Ceremony & Reception:

Thursday, September 22nd 6pm-8pm

Virtual Exhibition

Opens: Friday, September 23rd,

features awarded artists,

on display through December 31st, 2022.


*Special Category

150th Anniversary of the Town of Babylon

In 1872, voters of the old Town of Huntington voted to separate and create a new township called Babylon. The New York State legislature approved the bill to create the Town of Babylon on March 13, 1872, making 2022 the its 150th Anniversary. This category includes works in all media celebrating the Town of Babylon, and its residents, places, spaces, etc. past and present. 


Student A

Dorian J. Collymore, The Parrot,  1st Place

Dorian J. Collymore, We All Scream For Ice Cream,  2nd Place

Charlotte Johnson, Spring Trap, 3rd Place 

Dorian J. Collymore, Dorian the DogHonorable Mention

Student B

Natalie Hayes, Driftwood, 1st Place 

Anthony Papa, Sea World, 2nd Place

Alyssa Buran, Autumn Path, 3rd Place

Abigail Prucha, The Blues, Honorable Mention


Ashley Mazza, From the Archives, 1st Place

Ron Becker, Stillness At Sterling Forest, 2nd Place

Bernice Corbin, Hanging by a Thread, 3rd Place

Marcia Odle-McNair, Floating, Honorable Mention


Adam D. Smith, Stony Brook Grist Mill, 1st Place

Dan Fusco, Michelle2nd Place

Stacey Belding, Grids No.1,  3rd Place

Dan Fusco, American Southwest, Honorable Mention


Carlina Valenti, Scallop Shells, 1st Place

Bonnie Agalbato, Sharing, 2nd Place

Jan Guarino, Skies over Montmartre, 3rd Place

Jillanne Burns, Peter and Santini, Honorable Mention


Town of Babylon 150th Anniversary

Bonnie Agalbato, The Clammer

Drawing - Pencils, Ink

Estelle Zagaria, Zentangle Ram, 1st Place

Kathy O'Brien, The Way Home, 2nd Place

Lorina Capitulo, Fish, 3rd Place

Irene Bacchi, The Guardians, Honorable Mention


Drawing - Pastel, Charcoal

Donna Araneo, Aunt Ilka, 1st Place

Clemente Ettrick, AMEN, 2nd Place

Paula Haber, Canal Front, Marathon FLA, 3rd Place 

Steve Walker, Old Delhi Indian Building, Honorable Mention


Jacqueline Dupre, Painted Fern 2, 1st Place

Trudy Runyan, Chicken or the Egg, 2nd Place

Holly Hunt, Self Portrait, 3rd Place 

Erika Kuciw, King Above Debasement,  Honorable Mention


Jacqueline Dupre, Rose Mantis,  Best in Show

Mixed Media

Gregory Rapp, Twos, Threes, and Five, 1st place

Ron Horton, Looking For Fresh Water, 2nd Place

Jennie McCoy, Ginkgo Leaves, 3rd Place

Jan Tozzo, Eye of the Hurricane, Honorable Mention


Loretta Oberheim, Squall, 1st Place

Meagan J. Meehan, Symbiosis,  2nd Place

Loretta Oberheim, Blue Smoke, 3rd Place

Michael Hennessey, Monkey Girl #3, Honorable Mention

Exhibiting Artists

Adam D. Smith,   Abigail Prucha,   Al Ruggeri,   Alyssa Buran,   Andrea Larmor,   Anne Cognato,  Anthony Gurrier,   Anthony Papa,  

Arlene Gernon,   Arthur H. Poore,   Ashley Mazza,   Barbara Pascal,   Barbara Spizzirri,   Belle Buran,   Bernice Bleja Rausch, 

Bernice Corbin,   Bill Kuchler,   Bonnie Agalbato,   Carlina Valenti,   Carole Stalker Saraceno,   Carolyn Dodd,   Catherine Rezin,   

Charles Ambrosio,   Charlotte Johnson,   Chris Diamant,   Christopher Ricci,   Claudia Bedell,   Clemente Ettrick,   Colleen Broshanan, 

Dan Fusco,   Debbie Dion,   Debra Bonewald,   Donna Araneo,  Donna Harlow-Moraff,   Dorian J. Collymore,   Drew O’Connor,   

Edward Morley,   Elizabeth Ruggiero,   Erica Perjatel Stolba,   Erika Kuciw,   Estelle Zagaria,   Felicia Montfort,   Gabriella Carollo,   

Ginger Sosnowski,   Gregory Rapp,   Holly Hunt,   Irene Bacci,   Isabelle Juliano Rapacciuolo,   Jacqueline Dupre,   Jan Guarino,   Jan Tozzo,

Jennie McCoy,   Jennifer Salta,   Jerry Sardelli,   Jessica Robinson,   Jillanne Burns,   Joan Moschella,   Joan Weiss,   JoAnn Krapp,   

Joanne Scotto-Lavino,   John Ricci,   Jose Ariel Capitulo,   Joseph Kerkovich,   Kaliyah Hull,   Karen Cole,   Kasey Stevenson Buck,

Katherine Orifici,   Kathy O'Brien,   Keith Rossein,   Kenneth Drasser,   Khrystyne Robillard-Smith,   Laura Muench,   Linda Guariglia,

Lisa Doherty,   Loretta Oberheim,   Lorina Capitulo,   Luann Johnson,   Marcia Odle-McNair,   Marcie Serber,   Margaret Muller,

Mary Ann DiFranco,   Mary Ann Elliott,   Matthew Pecorella,   Maureen Ginipro,   Meagan J. Meehan,   Meg Wenzel,   Melissa Pelletier,

Michael Hennessey,  Michelle Piccora,   Natalie Hayes,   Ninon Riccio,   Pat Baglivio,   Patricia Masi,   Paula Haber,   Peggy Wolf,   

Peter V Bellanza,   Richard Kramer,   Ron Becker,   Ron Horton,   Rosaria Bazan-Pepe,   Rosemary Padilla,   Ruth Welborn, 

Sarah-Kate Giarrizzo,   Serafina Verde,   Stacey Belding,   Steve Walker,   Susan Herbert,   Susan Herbst,   Susan Jaskulek,   

Susan Kozodoy Silkowitz,   Suzanne Hoffman,   Thomas O’Rourke,   Tobi Cohen,   Trudy Runyan,   Valerie Farrugia



Kieran Johnson is a practicing artist, arts administrator, and educator. He holds a BFA from Purchase College School of Art and Design and an MFA from Kendall College of Art and Design. Kieran Johnson is currently the Executive Director of The Huntington Arts Council (HAC). At HAC he works to expend the reach of the organization through community projects as well as expanding accessibility to all of HAC's programs. Previously at HAC he was the Director of Community Partnerships and Development. He first started at HAC as the Business Manager. Prior to coming to HAC, Kieran worked Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts as the Operations Manager and at the Richard Avedon Foundation as their Office Manager and Financial Coordinator.


Johnson has exhibited his photographs in New York City at New Century Artists, Rogue Space, and Greenpoint Gallery as well as throughout Michigan at ActiveSite in Grand Rapids, and Delta College in Saginaw. More recent exhibitions include Huntington Art Center, NY, The Memorial Gallery at SUNY Farmingdale, NY, Project Basho in Philadelphia, PA, Ricoh Photo Gallery in Tokyo, Japan and the Lubeznik Center for the Arts, Michigan City, Indiana along with being included in the Postcard Collective. In addition to exhibiting his work, Kieran has been invited to lecture at Adrian College, Commack High School in Long Island, New York, and at the SPE Conference in Cleveland, Ohio. 

Become a Member Today:
Membership is $25 annually for individual artists. By becoming a member today, you will be elligible for the members' discounted entry fee and enjoy other benefits.

Find Membership information HERE!





1ST PLACE - $75.00 & RIBBON 
2ND PLACE - $50.00 & RIBBON 
3RD PLACE - $25.00 & RIBBON 



Submissions are now closed.

Thank you for your interest.


• Open to all Long Island and Metro artists.

• Entries must be original works that have not been previously exhibited in a BACCA show.

• Artists may submit online in advance by September 9th or may choose to drop-off their work using a paper submission form on the artwork drop-off date, Sept 12thAll artists must physically drop-off their work on September 12th.

• Three current original works may be submitted; at least one will be accepted. 

• Please note: you may only enter each piece into one chosen category.





Drawing: Pencil, Pen, Marker, Colored Pencil

Charcoal & Pastels

Mixed Media




Students A: (Grades 5, 6, 7 and 8) 

Students B: (Grades 9, 10, 11 and 12)

*Special Category

The 150th Anniversary of the Town of Babylon - All Media

In 1872, voters of the old Town of Huntington voted to separate and create a new township called Babylon. The New York State legislature approved the bill to create the Town of Babylon on March 13, 1872, making 2022 the its 150th Anniversary. This category should include works in all media celebrating the Town of Babylon, and its residents, places, spaces, etc. past and present. 

Online Application Requirements
Photo images should be high-resolution. All submitted images must be a minimum of 1500 pixels (height and width) and emailed as an attachment addressed to with “2022 Judged Art Show” in the subject line.
All online submissions must be sent as an email by September 9th, 2022 at 11:59 p.m.

For each submission, please include the following information in your email body:
1.   Artist Name
2.   Title(s) of Work
3.   Category (Indicate only one category per piece, using the list above.)
4.   Size(s)
5.   Indicate if artwork is for sale. If so, please include the price and a contact email address or phone number. Viewers will be asked to contact you directly for details.
6.   Optional: a short artwork description (less than 140 characters).
7.   Optional: Your social media handles (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook).


Acceptance Information:

2-Dimension works must be suitably framed, wired and READY FOR HANGING.

• Works are not to exceed 36"x 36" including frame.

• At least one work per artist will be accepted.

• All winning artworks will be on display at virtually.

• Artist agrees that no entries will be removed until Wednesday Sep. 28th, 2022, when all entries MUST be picked up at Old Town Hall from 10am-6:00pm, or a late fee of $15 will be charged

• Artists may indicate works that are for sale - no commission will be charged.

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