Seeing Differently

A veteran's photography exhibit

by the Josephine Herrick Project


Babylon Old Town Hall

47 W. Main St. Babylon, NY 11702

March 18th- April 4th.

Viewing Hours: (9:30 am - 3 pm) Monday through Friday

Saturday Viewing: Saturday, April 4th (10 am-2 pm)

























“Seeing Differently”

The exhibition draws from the images of five Long Island-based veterans who visited Gettysburg over three days in September 2019. They came for a residential photography workshop put on by the Josephine Herrick Project with the in-kind support of the Gettysburg Foundation. The veterans are alumni of the Josephine Herrick Project's free photography programs, most are Vietnam veterans and most suffer from PTSD from the violence they saw and experienced while in the military or suffering from chronic pain. The veterans are mainly Long Island based. 


More Information on the JHP
Founded in 1941, Josephine Herrick Project (JHP) began as a volunteer service organization, providing free photography programs to underserved audiences, with a focus on disabled war veterans. Today, Josephine Herrick Project’s participants include but are not limited to disabled veterans and other adults with physical and/or other disabilities; youth on the autism spectrum or with behavioral/developmental disabilities; and youth impacted by poverty.

JHP believes that cameras are transformational tools that encourage people to see things differently and give a voice to all. Participants photograph their communities with the help of professional photographers, promoting advocacy, self-confidence, and awareness of and the potential to influence the world around them.


About the Project
In Fall 2019, the veterans (attendees of this workshop in Gettysburg) worked with leading professional photographer (Alberto Vassari) to develop their skills and use cameras to explore a place that was both very familiar and deeply personal to each. Over the weekend the veterans visited the museum, and toured the battlefields. They stayed in historic houses and had the opportunity to explore the fields.

For many veterans, irrespective of which part of the country they come from or their background, Gettysburg holds enormous spiritual meaning – a communion with each other and with those who went before. In our age, the photograph informs how we think about things in our world, from the way we are affected by war, famine and crisis, to how and what we do in our daily lives. It is today the most universal, democratic, and accessible art form and means of communication. It allows any photographer to frame their own narrative and to share it with others.

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